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Go to Nah Trang to visit Guava! Nah Trang has the best vibe in all of Vietnam and Guava is the spot to meet up with amazing people and have some ..

Great setting and beer but expect cardboard pizza and day-old tiramisu

Nice spacious outdoor setting, with pool and views of the ocean. It gets very crowded and popular, so expect a long wait for your pizzas.

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Sejour Cambodge Vietnam
@@link, relaxation, plage paradisiaque au Vietnam combiné des majestueux temples, monuments.
croisière baie d'halong cat ba
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Nha Trang Climate

Nha Trang Climate
Annual average temperature: 26.70C
Annual average amount of sunny hours: 2,380

Annual average rainfall: 1,745 mm, with the rainy season concentrating in 3-4 months (from September until December), making up over 75% the total annual precipitation. In Nha Trang City, the rainy season lasts only 2 months, which is a very favorable condition for a long tourist season and all-the-year tourist activities.

Relative humidity: 80.5 %

Especially, on Hon Ba Mount (about 30km from Nha Trang ) the climate is similar to that in Da Lat and Sapa.