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Go to Nah Trang to visit Guava! Nah Trang has the best vibe in all of Vietnam and Guava is the spot to meet up with amazing people and have some ..

Great setting and beer but expect cardboard pizza and day-old tiramisu

Nice spacious outdoor setting, with pool and views of the ocean. It gets very crowded and popular, so expect a long wait for your pizzas.

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Du lịch Phong Nha
Du lịch Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng cùng Galatravel với nhiều ưu đãi
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Vinpearl Cable Car

Vinpearl Cable Car
No government agencies have announced data about the height of the Vinpearl cable car system across Nha Trang Port. Yet, according to the data released by the investor, Vinpearl Tourism and Trade Stock Company, the cable car system’s maximum height that allows ships to go through is 54m.  Thus, the Aurora with 53m in height plus the tide amplitude of 1.5-2m and the wave amplitude at the time of passing won’t be able to pass under the cable. 
Nha Trang Port’s representative, Dang Minh Trung, also said that with 270m in length, the Aurora could only be anchored at Wharf No. 3 (suppose it could go through the cable).  Yet, the vertical distance between this wharf to the Vinpearl cable car system is only 65m. If the ship entered Nha Trang Port, a part of it would lie right under the cable car system, which would be dangerous if winds and waves moved the ship and caused collision with the cable system.

According to many experts as well as Nha Trang Port’s officials, the Aurora is only a cruise ship of the moderate size. Nha Trang Port has welcomed many ships of the same size or bigger than the Aurora. 

The total area of the Vinpearl project is 6,532sq.m,  4,032sq.m of which is on land and 2,500sq.m is at sea.  The whole cable car system is 3,310m in length, connecting Phu Quy Urban Zone in Vinh Nguyen, Nha Trang to the “casino hill” of Vinpearlland tourist site on Hon Tre Island.  The system includes 7 sea poles, 2 land poles and 2 stations. The height of the section between Pole 2 and Pole 3 is 45m in normal conditions. The heights between other pairs of poles are lower.

Many experts think that even smaller ships than the Aurora won’t move in Nha Trang Port as easily as before.  This is likely to create great difficulties to ships which want to arrive in the port  to escape storms.