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Go to Nah Trang to visit Guava! Nah Trang has the best vibe in all of Vietnam and Guava is the spot to meet up with amazing people and have some ..

Great setting and beer but expect cardboard pizza and day-old tiramisu

Nice spacious outdoor setting, with pool and views of the ocean. It gets very crowded and popular, so expect a long wait for your pizzas.

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When to visit Nhatrang

When to visit Nhatrang
Nha trang, a wonderful beach town, is famous for its interesting outdoor amusements: hot water springs, colorful fish and coral reefs underwater where tourists can enjoys scuba diving and snorkeiling.
It is possible to visit Nha trang year round because of its comfortable sunny weather: 23 ºC and low level of humidity.
The best time to visit Nha Trang would probably be March or April. The least windy months of the year are May, April and June. Nha Trang in general is not windy ennough to windsurf, with the exception of Doc Lep beach (35 km north of Nha Trang), which is usually reserved for experts.
Nha Trang climate is relatively milder. Usually there are two distinct seasons, rainy and dry seasons.  Short rainy season, from mid-September to mid-December of the calendar, focus on 2 October and November, rainfall is often accounts for over 50% of rainfall during the year. The remaining months are dry, average 2600 hours each year to the average annual nang.Nhiet of Nha Trang own approximately 26.7 ° C on the mountain Hon Ba (Nha Trang to 30 km as the crow flies) climates such as Da Lat and Sa Pa . Relative humidity of about 80.5%.