Let’s talk again about common opinion that sex dating sites are not serious for real men. Because a normal guy can meet anybody anywhere. Actually one doesn’t have to underestimate dating sites! Such datings are really popular nowadays and millions men and women dwell in such sites. But don’t think that meeting in Internet is easy. Competitiveness exists here too. 

Let’s talk about your photos, because the first estimation of a person is done by them. Each woman get about ten messages from different men on dating sites, and the first thing that attracts their attention is a photo. If a photo is good the chance you’ll get a reply is much higher. So choose the coolest pictures and upload them quickly. 

Profile. Filling in your profile don’t lie and don’t exaggerate your advantages. If you don’t know how to answer this or that question, it’s better to pass it. If you have your own site, put the link there, it will be interesting fr many ones surely. Also don’t forget to leave your e-mail and social web profile link. Try not to use “one-size-fits-all” phrases, use your sense of humour. 

Humour in your profile is a separate issue. Such profiles are quite highly appreciated because girls like funny and smart guys. And learn how to intrigue, because it’s interesting. 

Be honest when you write whom you are looking for and for which relations. If you got serious intentions, it’s better to write about it. And if your aim is a friendship and flirt don’t forget to tell about it too.